Introducing the NEN exclusive Selfie Station!

Surprise and delight customers with a


all new social interactive experience that provides relevant and compelling engagement with consumers to earn brand loyalty and entice purchasing behavior.

Selfie Station, the most advanced photo system on the market, harnesses the appeal of social media to create a focal point within your locations where customers can:

1. Take Selfies, 2. Apply Fun Backgrounds, 3. Upload on Social Media

Selfie Station's propietary software leverages a new media channel that is easily trackable with a whole pallette of analytics, making it an indispensable in-store marketing tool for:

Reach consumers with
brand and product exposure
like never before without bursting
your marketing budget!
  • With the rise of the connected consumer, Selfie Station effectively goes beyond traditional POP marketing with compelling incentives that reward and engage customers with your brand.
  • Selfie Station concentrates a wide array of advanced promotional and media delivery tools within a small footprint.
  • With various kiosk configurations and an average size of 32" W x 17" D x 72" T, Selfie Station can fit virtually anywhere. Media delivery is uploaded remotely and is easily accessible to control media down to the machine level to allow customization per location.
  • Selfie Stations's sophisticated tracking and analytic software captures up to 1,000 data points per person and measure advertising effectiveness.

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Selfie Station